The Newton

Clean Lines & Classic Design


The Newton is a simplisticly designed sofa that will suit almost any interor and decor. Incorporating arm piping and low wide feet the overall sofa appears more compact that the traditional styles. The Newton Range incorporates an Armchair / 2 Seater / 2.5 Seater / 3 Seater / Small Swivel Chair / Large Swivel Chair / SOfabed / Right & Left Hand Corner / Large Corner & Cube.

  • Image:Finished in Kiera Silver
  • Combination:2 Seater

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The Dimensions
  • Armchair: W:92cm x H:90cm x D:90cm
  • 2 Seater : W:142cm x H:90cm x D:90cm
  • 2.5 Seater: W:164cm x H:90cm x D:90cm
  • 3 Seater: W:182cm x H:90cm x D:90cm
  • Small Swivel Chair: W:103cm x H:100cm x D:105cm
  • Large Swivel Chair: W:123cm x H:100cm x D:120cm
  • Sofabed: W:165cm x H:90cm x D:90cm
  • Right / Left Hand Corner: W:235cm x H:90cm x D:172cm
  • Large Corner: W:235cm x H:90cm x D:235cm
  • Cube: W:46cm x H:46cm x D:46cm