The Glitz

Eye-catching curved arm sophistication


The Glitz combines it's classic lines and a bold fabric to make a sof arange that is both eye-catching and sophisticated at teh same time. The Glitz Range is available in an Armchair / 2 Seater / 2.5 Seater / 3 Seater / Chaise / Sofabed / Footstool.

  • Image:Finished in Glitz Silver
  • Combination:3 Seater Scatter Back

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The Dimensions
  • Armchair: W:112cm x H:91cm x D:95cm
  • 2 Seater: W:172cm x H:91cm x D:95cm
  • 2.5 Seater: W:190cm x H:91cm x D:95cm
  • 3 Seater: W:210cm x H:91cm x D:95cm
  • Chaise: W:210cm x H:91cm x D:145cm
  • Sofabed: W:63cm x H:43cm x D:66cm
  • Footstool: W:63cm x H:43cm x D:66cm