The Chicago

Compact Scroll Arm Design


The Chicago combines simple curved lines and scatter or hight back design to maximise comfort. The extensive combination options of the Chicago allows this design to fit into most interior styles. The Chicago Range is available in an Armchair / 2 Seater / 2.5 Seater / 3 Seater / Footstool / Designer Footstool.

  • Image:Finished in Aberdeen Sky
  • Combination:2 Seater Scatter Back

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The Dimensions
  • Armchair: W:124cm x H:95cm x D:98cm
  • 2 Seater: W:180cm x H:95cm x D:98cm
  • 2.5 Seater: W:190cm x H:95cm x D:98cm
  • 3 Seater: W:210cm x H:95cm x D:98cm
  • Footstool: W:63cm x H:43cm x D:66cm
  • Designer Footstool: W:95cm x H:40cm x D:65cm